Brødrene Johnsen A/S was established in 1953 with it’s primary business beeing a mechanical engineering and production company.


Brødrene Johnsen started as an AutoCAD user in -84, and soon began to investigate the posibilities for using AutoCAD as a basis for the CNC-programming needs. We stared using PC-based CAM solutions in 1985, and the following year, Brødrene Johnsen started as  an AutoCAD dealer, with total focus beeing in the mechanical arena.

Brødrene Johnsen SALEIMPEX:

As a result from these groving activities, Brødrene Johnsen SALEIMPEX was formed in –92, as a stand-alone company beeing dedicated to the promotion and implementation of  mechanical CAD/CAM solutions.

When Autodesk aquired the Solution 3000 from Micro Engineering Solutions, we started out as the distributor / reseller for Autodesk’s mechanical products in Norway, authorizing personell on the AutoSURF / Manufacturing Expert product range. Beeing strongly comitted to Autodesk products, we welcomed Autodesk’s new activities in the market where we previously did not have any good solutions -  complex surface modelling and machining.

Today, our effort in the CAD/CAM market employees mechanical engineers with many years experience, in addition to some outsourced services. We are completely dedicated to Autodesks’s product range within the mechanical area in selling and supporting Inventor and AutoCAD. In the CAM area are NC Polaris representing the completely AutoCAD integrated solution, while Mastercam (which is the most commonly used CAM-solution world wide) represents the best of stand-alone CAM-software, with built-in functionality to handle the import of almost any CAD-format.

We have specialiced in delivering complete CAD/CAM solutions for the customer, including prototype development, the CAD and the CAM part, communication between the workstation and the CNC-machine, training of  personell etc. With our strong relations to pratical knowledge both within the design and manufacturing area,  we offer far more than just the workstations with hard- and software. From a production point of view,  our CNC-programming tools are amongst the most commonly used, with more than 350 installations in Norway.

As a result of this, Brødrene Johnsen SALEIMPEX is also beeing recognized by many of the MCAD dealers in Norway, as a solution partner in cases where production and CAM is an issue.

Brødrene Johnsen SALEIMPEX are also registered within the Autodesk Developer Network program.